What you need to know for Coromandel Gold...

  • Remember to bring the stuff you're going to need:
    • ID, your ticket, any (legal) medication you may need, a charged mobile phone and enough cash for the whole event. If you have any chronic conditions or illness (ie epilepsy, diabetes, asthma) be sure to carry information regarding your condition & an emergency contact number on you at all times.

  • No alcohol is permitted to be bought onto the event site and you will be checked upon entry. There will be bars selling alcoholic & non alcoholic drinks as long as you have your ID.

  • Bring sunscreen, dress for the weather, and remember to bring some warm clothes for later on. Make sure you wear sensible shoes, the floor is grass so leave the stilletto's at home ladies.

  • You can bring into the event an unopened or empty bottle of water (no glass). No food is allowed to be brought in as there are many tasty options available inside the venue. You can bring food into the campground though.

  • Allow enough time to get to and into the event. Presume 30mins to get thru the gates & security depending on the time of day / night.

  • Keep it real and keep it legal guys. Anyone caught holding or dealing illegal substances will be treated the same way as anywhere else, by Security and possibly the Police.

  • Don't turn up drunk or totally out of it, as you will be refused entry and that's gonna put a downer on your night.


  • At any point in time while you are at Coromandel Gold, you are required to abide by any reasonable request or command from our Security guards.  Remember that they are primarily there to keep the festival safe. If you need help or see someone needing help, please notify them straight away.

Safety and Care for others

  • Please consider others as well as your own safety, especially in front of the stage. If someone falls down or is in distress please help them if you can or let the Security team know so we can help.
  • There is a St John tent / safe area near the entrance for anyone that is feeling sick or had a bit too much to drink so please use it if needed.

Info and Lost Property

  • The Info tent is on the right when you first enter Coro Gold. If you find or lose any gear this is the first place you should head.
  • After the event if you have lost anything either email us at or post on our facebook page and we will try our best to get your stuff back to you. Lots of stuff does get handed in so make sure you check with us.

 Emergency Evacuation

  • Under extreme and unlikely circumstances the entire site may need to be evacuated or cleared. It will be imperative for you to follow all instructions and directions from emergency services, police, fire brigade and / or our security.

First Aid

  • There will be a St John marquee to treat people who are genuinely ill or have injured themselves at the event. Please try to minimise your demands on them if it does not relate to real issues as they have a very long and demanding day / night. These people are volunteers and we owe them a great deal of gratitude for their skills and support.

No Pass outs (Leaving)

  • Please note that once you get to the festival and enter the site you need to stay there until you want to leave for the night so make sure you bring what you need with you.