Free parking is available on-site with access straight off the main Buffalo Beach Rd

Please follow signage on the day and take direction from the traffic control and event staff who will get you into the venue and parked as quickly as possible.

When walking from the parking area to the main stage area make sure you keep an eye out for other vehicles entering the venue and make sure you keep all access ways clear.


  • The carpark will be lit during the night and there will be security patrolling the carpark from start to finish but play it safe and make sure you don't leave valuables in your cars.

When you need to be gone...

  • All vehicles are required to be out of the car park at the festival by 2:00pm at the absolute latest on Jan 1st.
  • Please don't try and milk it after 2:00pm because we have a lot of cleaning up to do and we can't get it done until you guys leave the venue

Parking outside the Venue

  • There is NO parking whatsoever on the road or roadside 500m either side of the venue. Any cars parked on the roadside outside the venue will be towed!

Or instead of bringing your car, grab a cab!

Whiti City Cabs

  • The only Taxi company in Whitianga offering door to door service
  • Available from 7am to 2am or later
  • Covering Whitianga and all outer beach areas
  • All bookings welcome
  • Call 07-866 4777