With the full line-up announced the Coro Gold line-up is looking epic!

SHAPESHIFTER - FAT FREDDY'S DROP and SHIHAD anchor an amazing Dec 30th line-up. LADI6 - THE UPBEATS ft. MC TALI - CHANNEL ONE SOUND SYSTEM from Jamaica/UK and SLAVE'S LOGG CABIN round off the bill.

Then there's New Year's Eve... with KORA - CUT COPY - DE LA SOUL - HOME BREW - SEASICK STEVE - KATCHAFIRE - SOLA ROSA - BLACK SUN EMPIRE - AHORIBUZZ and SLAVE'S ensemble of DJ's and MC's to bring in 2013.

New Year's Eve


Witnessing Kora perform live is like seeing Shakespeare at the globe. Its theatrics at it’s finest infused with a rock, dub, roots and bass sound that grabs you by the soul and makes you wana dance! This 5 piece band have been turning heads since they were kids performing around Whakatane, now fast forward a few years and pick up a talented Wellingtonian and you have a band that will take your head off. There is simply no better way to see in NYE. Armed with hot new material they come ready to fire!


4 piece indie electronic sensation Cut Copy live, wow! With previous shows selling out in a matter of hours Cut Copy are hotter than the Aussie Outback. Their sound spans influences from raw Chicago house, New York Disco, 80’s synth wave and indie rock, with rich, dense rhythms and melodies that make you wana jump up and dance. Currently touring with a third studio album under their belt and a host of chart topping singles. Do not miss one of the most in-demand bands in the world right now.


20 years in the game, 7 albums deep, Grammy awards, countless world tours, party anthems that still appear in nearly every DJ’s set list everywhere, true legends, innovators and godfathers of the sound we call Hip Hop. If you don’t know who these guys are then don’t worry cause you obviously missed the last 20 odd years of music. But if you do, then you know that you are in a for a night of pure good vibes, party classics and a chance to witness the realness of De La Soul.


They're throwing hip hop in NZ's face, and we’re loving it! Strong production combines with fresh lyrical content; humorous, risque, current, often political, it can be an acquired taste. Home Brew's highly anticipated self-titled album made it's debut at No. 1 on the NZ Top 40 album charts with their dedicated fanbase receiving a free copy at their now infamous Speakeasy 48-hour Album Release Party. They have played BDO, supported RZA, and now it’s Coro Gold's turn to taste this quality Brew.


Performing as a unit for 15 years now Katchafire are in no doubt of their abilities and their union as a Whanau. Not only are they a hugely successful and iconic New Zealand band they are also ambassadors of the Aotearoa roots reggae sound. The boys have been captivating audiences around the south pacific, Hawaii and in the USA with tunes from their 4 studio albums and countless hits. Having them opening the 31st at Goro Gold will be a special occasion, no doubt.


There are a lot of blues musicians out there, but few that have actually lived it like Seasick Steve, he's spent much of his life as a bona-fide box-car jumping Ramblin' Man. He's the real deal! Steve's played a plethora of major festivals, featured on the main stage at Glastonbury, played with Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters) and John Paul Jones (Led Zeplin) and recorded with KT Tunstall and most of Nick Cave's Grinderman. If you're looking for something different but didn't know what it's Seasick Steve.


This Dutch Trio have an uncanny ability for writing exciting, dark and heavy Drum and Bass stompers that have seen them become one of the biggest names in the global scene. In 1997 brothers Milan and Micah found “their sound” and linked with high school buddy Rene to form BSE. Touring Europe and the world since 2000 and frequent guests at sold out shows across New Zealand. If you like it hard and heavy then no doubt you'll already know these guys, but if you’re new to the BSE sound, watch out!


From a humble, self-released one man project to a decidedly deadly live collective, Sola Rosa have grown from a national treasure into an act of truly international repute. Hot off the back of tours of Europe and Asia, Sola Rosa are veterans of the live performance, presenting a soundscape that offer the best of hip hop, reggae, jazz, latin, soul and funk. A beer, some sun, the Coromandel and Sola Rosa gracing the stage... perfect!


It’s a buzz and it’s bloody infectious! Frontman Aaron Tokona has an undeniable swagger on stage and a cheekyness that is endearing. His raw funk, rock goodness and on the spot uniqueness is paired with one of the best drummers in the country Riki Gooch plus vocal and synth work from LA Mitchell. Already a world class outfit, The Buzz sends an open invitation to the “bros” to jump on stage and add to the Horiness which often means guest spots from some of NZ’s most illustrious performers.



December 30th



Shapeshifter are an undeniable institution at festivals, clubs and stadiums around New Zealand and the world. Their sound is cosmic, heavy, uplifting, energetic and at times awe-inspiring! You may have seen them before but you know why you will come back time and time again, for those moments of pureness that the Shapeshifter experience delivers like no other. You can tell they love the music just as much as you do! Like a fine wine Shapies are just getting better.


Fat Freddy’s Drop is arguably one of New Zealand’s most successful international exports in the last 20 years. The Freddy’s boys had their eyes set on world domination from the get go and have created a highly successful career playing shows around the world. But we all know that their beautifully deep soulful, jazz and dub infused music is meant to be played out-doors in gods own, Aotearoa. We welcome them back to get Coro Gold 2012/13 cranking in true Kiwi style.


Hall of famers, legends, insane performers and now documentary stars of the big screen it is the one and only Shihad! The undeniable royalty of New Zealand rock these boys wrote the book on energy on stage, and after 23 years there is no doubt that the fire is still burning! One of the highlights of the last Coro Gold, now fresh off the back of sell out live shows across a nationwide Shihad's Meanest Hits Tour, the boys are back and ready to blitz the Coro Gold stage!


Aotearoa’s reigning Queen of hip hop soul, Ladi6, began her career with Christchurch femcee crew Sheelahroc alongside her cousin Tyra Hammond and Sarah Tamaira, sister of Fat Freddy’s Drop’s Dallas Tamaira. After collaborating with the likes of Fat Freddy’s, Opensouls and Scribe, Ladi went on to record two albums, Time Is Not Much and The Liberation Of…, the latter winning New Zealand’s prestigious Taite Music Prize in 2011. Ladi6 is climbing high in popular music whilst true to her soul.


Wellingtons Drum and Bass kings Jeremy Glenn and Dylan Jones (a.k.a. Terror Snake and Downie Wolf) have been writing and producing together for over 12 years. The duo perform on a regular basis here and across the globe. They will be joined on stage at Coro Gold by the fabulous MC Tali, who was the first woman ever to write and release a female MC album in the UK with the help of Roni Size. This hard hitting set will keep ya on your feet!


UK based Jamaican group Channel One Sound System have been on the musical roads for nearly 30 years. They are one of the world's top dub reggae sound system's, run by legendary selector Mikey Dread and featuring MC Ras Kayleb. They have recently celebrated over 20 years playing in Europe's biggest street festival, the Notting Hill Carnival in London and are looking forward to playing some funky roots and culture music at Coro Gold.


MC Slave leads an all star cast of MC's and DJ's on stage. Expect nothing less than a revolving door of special guests throughout the course of the festival. Every session from the Logg Cabin will be a little different as Slave rolls up and rolls out some of the most talented MC's and DJ's on offer. Slave's Logg Cabin... more than you expect, better than you get anywhere else and exclusive to Coromandel Gold.