This year you are able to bring limited amounts of alcohol in the Waterways and Ohuka Farm Camps.

For 1 and 2 night campers this will be limited to 6 standard drinks per person per day and for 3 night campers the limit is 12 standard drinks per person per day.

  • 6 standard drinks = 6 x 335ml cans of beer or RTD's
  • 12 standard drinks = 12 x 335ml cans of beer or RTD's

  • Please NO GLASS (cans and plastic bottles only)
  • You will not able to bring bottles of spirits into Waterways or Ohuka Farm (hip flasks or larger bottles)
  • If you exceed these limits you may be asked to leave the camp or your alcohol may be confiscated

On-Site Liquor King

For 3 day campers - Liquor King are setting up an on-site wholesale service. All prices will be standard Liquor King prices and the menu will include:

  • Corona, Steinlager Classic, Speights Summit, Lion Light Ice and Steinlager Premium Light
  • Isaac's Cider - berry
  • Smirnoff Ice, Jim Beam and Cola, Park Lane G&T, Coruba and Cola, Smirnoff and Cranberry softbox
  • Two Tracks Savignon Blanc, Two Tracks Pinot Noir, Linduaer Brut, Linduaer Summer and Linduaer Sauvignon
  • Red Bull and Fiji Water

Ice will be available from the on-site 4 Square


Please note that having and consuming alcohol at Waterways and Ohuka Farm is a priviledge and not a right. Excessive alcohol consumption or inappropriate behaviour is not acceptable at Waterways.

Please show the appropriate respect to other campers, staff, security and the people of Whitianga.

If you breach camp policy your wristband (camp and festival access) can be revoked. Management also reserve the right to confiscate your alcohol.

So keep it real and have a good time...but keep a lid on it